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The stakes are high, there’s work to do, and teams must accomplish more. And that requires a people strategy that prepares teams and leaders for the work ahead.
This Planning Guide will help you think through five of the most important trends facing teams today. 
Download the Planning Guide and watch the five short videos below. Then, connect with us for a free consult call to discuss how to build you next dream team. 
Download the Team Planning Guide

Video Series: Build Strong teams

#1: Strategy change requires new thinking.

96% of CEOs shifted strategic direction in some way since COVID-19.

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#2: Amplified sense of risk and uncertainty.

Top 3 CEO concerns:
56% Employee performance and productivity
48% Covid-19
34% Customer satisfaction.

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Watch a Team Discovery Demo

#3: Remote teams build cohesion differently.

Top 3 CEO Challenges:
51% Working well remotely
25% Finding the right talent
24% Better operational processes

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#4: Team health is under pressure.

36% of CEOs say conflict ties back to interpersonal struggles.

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#5: Strategy execution confidence is top of mind.

CEOs leading remote teams are less confident regarding ability to hit strategic goals.

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Between navigating the pandemic, the economy, and a remote future, leaders have critical business problems to solve. And people issues aren’t going away. The need for cohesion can’t be overstated.

With a 1:1 Team Discovery Strategy session, you'll uncover your unique team type. You'll receive science-backed recommendations to help senior leaders and critical teams build cohesion and reduce conflict.

This information helps leaders better understand the behavioral makeup of their team.

Through this process, teams will discover their natural superpowers, as well as any caution areas. They’ll also learn how these strengths and weaknesses map back to the business strategy.

By understanding how team behaviors impact the work to be done, leaders can gain renewed clarity and confidence about the road ahead—and rekindle the magic of a true dream team.

Learn more about what may be holding your team back from achieving your goals.

Connect with us to discuss how a FREE trial account in Predictive Index can help you develop a plan for success. Your PI Test Drive includes up to 10 team members.

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